What do Ouzo and the letter G have in common?

Greece of course!

So today in our alphabet travel challenge we are at the letter G and of course Greece sprang to my mind but maybe not for the reasons you may think.

Of course the bigger more popular Greek Islands like Santorini were amazing and classically beautiful but some of my most vivid memories are of the Island of IOS. A party Island taken over by backpackers and the like in Summer, wanting to party like they were living in bad American rap videos!

First impressions often say a lot and having been offered a shot of ouzo to down on check in probably is a good indication of this place. You may laugh but  I can’t get the sight of bikini clad girls dancing around the pool at lunchtime to the latest commercial chart topping dance song and loads of adoring men well lets say boys cheering them on. This was a display myself and travel buddy were not used to and seriously we felt transported into the world of rap/hip hop film clips, needless to say we didn’t last that long on the party island as the novelty soon wore off. Of course I do have to mention it has beautiful beaches and the village is friendly if you make the effort to leave the party central – camp grounds and backpackers.

But it was a blessing in disguise, as we then ventured to the small and beautifully unknown islands of Naxos and Paros, to find nightlife still fun but some of the real Greece alive and kicking. If you are a lover of seafood the small wharfs were lined with fisherman selling their catch and local cafes  offering amazing fresh seafood. Here are some of the photographs from the trip. I can’t wait to make a return visit to see more of these breathtaking Islands and maybe next time I won’t have to endure the over night ferries in which toilet cleanliness wasn’t a priority but what is an adventure without some adversity. So I tried to choose photographs with a twist on the classic white and blue, we so instantly recognise as the Greek Islands, plus some of the infamous Ios, we hope you enjoy and share your experiences in the Greek Islands or some other country starting with G with us  here on the blog or instagram @ktihandco #alphabettravel.

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