E is for Egypt… a tourist’s account with a political overtone


Todays post in our Alphabet Travel series for Travel Tuesday is written by a very good friend to Kith & Co -Michelle. Michelle has had the opportunity to work and travel to some exotic locations. Today she shares her experiences in Egypt. If you want to see some more stunning photos from Michelle’s travels then be sure to follow along on instagram using the hastag #alphabettravel. Thanks so much Michelle!…

…I traveled to Egypt in 2008 with a group of work colleagues who were based in Qatar with me. We had romanticized ideas about this land that had captured our imaginations from early history lessons at school. The pyramids, the gods, the exotic tastes and smells, we couldn’t wait to experience this culture and its’ people.

Although it was prior to the Arab Spring and the demise of President Mubarak, the effects of the regime were easy to see. This country had an abundance of wealth, courtesy of plentiful natural resources, but little of this wealth could be seen on the streets of Cairo. People were climbing over the top of each other for freshly baked bread. Children were being bathed in buckets of water by the roadside. Poverty was rife.

When I asked our guide what he thought of the Mubarak regime, his response was, ‘if I told you, I would probably go missing within a day or two’. Most Egyptians we spoke to who were brave enough to speak openly about the regime expressed frustration at the wealth and corruption of the Mubarak government and police and military forces.

However, the Egyptian people appreciate tourists. Egypt needs tourists, particularly now. People were genuinely welcoming and took great pride in the incredible history of this country. There is so much to be proud of. The Nile River, dotted with small villages, is truly breathtaking, particularly when sailing in a felucca on sunset. The cities of Luxor and Aswan, with ruins, temples and endless market places can fill the senses for hours. In terms of history, you can’t really get any better than The Valley of the Kings and of course the Pyramids of Giza. To be standing beside something as intriguing as the Pyramids is an experience you’ll carry with you for the rest of your life.

As with most places you travel to, it’s the people that leave a lasting impression. I’m lucky enough to know many Egyptians and they are some of the most passionate and resilient people I know. Egyptians want to share their wonderful country with the world.

Egypt needs you. Go and have a look!!!!










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