Ugg Boots – the Great debate. Do you wear your Ugg Boots in Public??

Now that Winter is officially here! The question I ask is do YOU wear your Ugg Boots out. On a recent trip to New York City we were pounding the pavement like all good tourists do and found ourselves in the Upper Eastside surrounded by all the big names in Luxury but one store stood out! There were security guards on the doors, and a  line up down the street, our curiosity took us closer, to discover  to our huge surprise it was the Ugg Australia Shop! Now it all started to make sense. Here we were in one of the fashion capitals of the world and it seemed a large majority of the residents were wearing their uggies out. Not particularly fancy ones just your run of the mill Uggy. Posters with beautiful people wearing Uggies were plastered throughout the Subway, every second Tourist of the non Australian variety were toting Ugg Australia bags full of goodies, it all told us how big Ugg Australia was. So how come in the land of their origin Australia it is still not that kosher to be wearing your uggies in public.

So what is the answer to the debate? Ok so Celebrities wear them out….or are they still pretty bogan….or have they become a fashion icon?????

So Tell us where do you wear your Uggies?

Are you a fan or not?

2 Responses to “Ugg Boots – the Great debate. Do you wear your Ugg Boots in Public??”
  1. Stephanie says:

    Ive been wearing them out for years, I love them.

  2. Jill Galvin says:

    Well whilst travelling my slippers just were not doing the job. Buy a pair of Ugg Boots I was being encouraged to buy by Dennis, but I just couldnt do it, even though Mrs Frampton wears them (at home only of course). So I settled for the slip on style which will not be worn out of doors.

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