Tutorial : String Lantern


Have you tried any of our tutorials yet? Be sure to let us know or to post a pic of your creation on our Facebook page. Today we have another very effective way to create a beautiful lantern with very little ease and with items that you probably have lying around at home.

You will need – a balloon, some glue (I think PVA works best) and some string/twine, a container

How to::

Firstly blow up your balloon till it is quite full and forming an egg shape rather than a ball shape, then string it up to something where you can have it hanging without it touching anything – I used the kids jungle gym, but you could attach it to a broom stick and balance it across 2 dining chairs, or the clothesline is probably a good spot too.

Next, put some glue in the container – a generous amount, and you will need to keep filling this as you go. Then start unravelling the string and drench this in the glue, running the excess glue off in your fingers, you will always have string in the glue so keep this container close to where you are working because you will get very sticky with the glue.

Now, start winding the string around the balloon starting at the top but leaving enough room to be able to place a candle inside the lantern (you will also need to manoeuvre a match down into the lantern to light the candle so make sure you can fit your hand, or someone’s hand!)

Now, just keep winding and winding it around and around in all directions while feeding it through the glue until you get a good coverage of string around the balloon, make sure that the bottom has enough coverage to to be able to hold the tea light candle when you are finished, you don’t want it falling through the bottom.

After you have left it to dry for a good few hours or even overnight then you can pop the balloon and peel it away, and you are left with the finished lantern. Now you can either attach a handle to the top if you want to use it hanging or leave it without if you are going to use it as a table decoration.

It is a bit fiddly but the effect is well worth the effort.











We look forward to seeing your creations !

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