Tutorial : Driftwood Decor

If you’re a bower bird like me you may like to turn some of your found treasures into something more useable. Here is an idea just using an old jar, some trusty glue and found driftwood but any sticks would work fine. Find whats in your local area to create different looks – a vase, a candle or tea light holder, its up to you.

What you’ll need20120502-130729.jpg

Jar (any size will do probably best to pick first so you can match the length of sticks you’ll need)

Glue (just check it will bond wood and glass)



Ruler (to help collect the right length stick/twigs)

What next

1 Once you’ve picked your jar, remove the label, a tip to help with this is dab on some eucalyptus oil it helps dissolve the glue easier and smells amazing.

2 Collect your sticks, twigs or driftwood using the ruler to help get the right match for your jar.

3 I found tying some string slightly bigger than the jar enabled me to place the sticks around to get a feel for how it looked and how many I needed before glueing.

4 Once your happy with the way it looks you can either apply the glue directly to the jar or on the individual sticks, a tip here is go slowly allow the glue to become tacky so the sticks don’t slide off the jar or out place.

5 I left mine overnight to ensure the glue had dried. Finally dress with some string around the centre or leave bare the choice is yours.

Here is a few ideas we came up with, we would love to see your creations too!


2 Responses to “Tutorial : Driftwood Decor”
  1. Stephanie says:

    That’s truly beautiful. I love it!

  2. woodandrope says:

    I’m in love with this idea. I’m currently obsessed with driftwood and have a basket full, I will definitely be giving this ago!

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