Tutorial : Put your heart on the wall

I thought today would be a great day to feature a super easy tutorial that anyone can achieve in a very short time with very minimal cost.

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  • First up you need to head to your local hardware / paint shop and grab some paint chips in a variety of shades and tones of your chosen colour – I have chosen pink for my heart.
  • Next up arrange the chips in the shape of a heart till you are happy with where all the different colours are dispersed, do this on the ground or on a dining room table so you have plenty of room. You can make the heart as big as you like, but I found to really define the shape you need to have one at least the size of my example which uses 27 paint chips.
  • To complete your heart flip all your chips over and attach blu tac to the back of each one, then attach them one at a time to the wall, so that you are able to keep track of the shape you are creating.

And there you have it, an effective way to brighten any blank wall and is great if you are renting as you can jazz up the wall in a quick, easy, cheap and non-damaging way. You could try some other shapes too or spell out a word, the options are only limited by your imagination.

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